Aluminium Bending Machines For Doors

Aluminium Bending Machines For Doors

Aluminium Bending Machine is is high-efficient process equipment used to bend angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, flat steel, side steel, round steel and so on. One time feeding can complete rolling round and corrective round working procedure, it is widely used in the petroleum, chemical...
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Product Details

01.The machine bed is used Q345 high-strength sheets welded,through Finite Element Analysis,stress part is designed by reinforcement and annealed to eliminate internal stress machine has sufficient strength and rigidity to anti-permanent deformation.

02.The two lower roller arm and the upper roller bearing frame are cast alloy steel pieces and treated.

03.using advanced and reliable arc swing structure,included the pre-bending function,the two lower around the center of rotation(upper roller)to do arc movements and figures by the amount of deflection of the required radius of precision bending,with four rollers co-mechanism,bending better to reduce the length of the straight section.

04.The three working rollers are active rollers,driven by three independent rotary assemblies(motor+precision planet reducer)to reduce transmission loss,high transmission efficiency and three roller synchronous rotation by frequency control at the same time.

05.Three roller slewing system are all used in Germany FAG Spherical roller bearings and row tapered roller bearing composite double support,good rigidity and high precision,can simultaneously withstand the huge radial force and axial joint load.With a small loss of rotation and thermal deformation to maintain good accuracy and long life!No copper set when rolling!

06.Both sides of the machine have hydraulic rollers,driven by three cylinders which can achieve the 360┬░displacement to prevent the asymmetric cross-section if bending distortion,also has the ability of roll the spiral shape to control the pitch size.

07.Color touch screen+PLC program controller+foot switch which are easy for the operator to work efficiently and observe the control forming process.

08.machine sliding surface are all inlaid QAL9-4,aluminum bronze stone combined wear parts,and lubrication regularly.

09.Hydraulic system and electrical system purchased parts are used domestic and abroad well-known brands to ensure the quality,continuous operation for72 hours during machine inspection without problems shipped.

Bending machine data:

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Packing and shipping :

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