Aluminium Profiles Corner Crimping Machines

Corner Crimping Machines is Specifically for corner combining This machice is designed for 90° corner combining .it is used for aluminum profile, it is High working efficiency, well liked by our customers,the crimping machine has simple operation, reliable performance, advanced technology, Easy...

Product Details

Performance characteristics:

This machine is used for the connection of 90 degree angle of angular aluminum structure door and window.

Air, electro-hydraulic combined operation control, adjustable tool holder

Can process profiles of many common sections

The thread adjusts the distance between the upper and lower corner knives, making the tooling work more convenient.

It can be configured with single-pole multi-point knife to make the angle of aluminum door and window of heat-insulated bridge more reliable.

Main specifications and technical parameters:

Power: 380 volts 50 Hz

Motor power: 1.1 kW

Rated oil pump pressure: 10mpa

Motor speed: 1400 rpm

Air source working pressure: 0.5-0.8mpa

Air consumption: 2 liters / minute

Fuel tank capacity: 20 liters

Total group angular pressure: 48KN

Group angle cylinder running stroke: 75 mm

Main positioning block adjustment range: 70 mm

Processing height: 120 mm

1. Used for aluminum window door 90° corner cleat Punch riveting type assembly .

2.Adopting hydraulic impact riveting ,working stable

3. Crimping head can adjust height and width for different type profile

4.Internal locating block stroke adjustable, adopt different profile.




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