Aluminum Window Door Corner Crimping Machine

Corner Crimping Machine‎ for Aluminium is Specifically for corner combining This machine is designed for 90° corner combining .it is used for aluminum profile, it is High working efficiency, well liked by our customers, the crimping machine has simple operation, reliable performance, advanced...

Product Details

Put the gusset into the 45° Aluminum alloy window profile, move the bump folks, squeeze the two window profile tightly and make a 90° Angle firmly. You can adjust the machine to 1-side-four-point crimping according to the characteristic of the gusset. Because of enlarging the size and the crimping force, it is an ideal choice for the corner crimping of thermal-break door and window profiles.

1.Oil pump motor power3KW
2.Oil pump rated pressure20Mpa
3.Max. working travel70mm
4.Max. working push power8000KG
5.Working air pressure0.6-0.7Mpa
6.Impact point adjustable range8-100mm
7.Overall dimension (L×W×H)1200x1100x1350mm

1. Used for aluminum window door 90° corner cleat Punch riveting type assembly .

2.Adopting hydraulic impact riveting ,working stable

3. Crimping head can adjust height and width for different type profile

4.Internal locating block stroke adjustable, adopt different profile.

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