Corner Combining Machine For Aluminum Window

Aluminium Window Corner Crimping Machine is specialized in production of hi-grad alu door and windows, and it is suitable to connection of 90 angle structure of alu door and window. The mechamical inkage structure make corner assembling synchronous. The positioning is up-and-down adjustable, and...

Product Details


The machine is used for producion line of hi-grade alu-alloy doors and windows. mainly used for extrusion and connection of 90º sean casement window with angle jointing operation, place an angle-alu in cavities of two driven stricking blocks punch towards the flute of angle-alu, Extruding the seam of two profiles makes trength, effciency and precision of the connection higher than using any means for connection。

Operation air pressure:0.5~0.8Mpa

Air consumption:2L/min

Power supply:380V 50Hz

Motor power:1.5kw

Most pressure:16Mpa

Contour dimension(L×W×H):830×1000×1200mm


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