Automatic Glass Cutting Machine For Door

Automatic Glass Cutting Machine for Window uses the latest generation of control system, and realized the equipment and computer linkage closed-loop, high-precision, high-speed. With automatic laser positioning, graphics scanning and a series of new functions. The fully automatic glass cutting...

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This set of equipment is the latest development , which is including loading, taking glass, straight cutting, shape cutting, air flotation, breaking, automatically move and walk (around), remote control. It is currently the most advanced automatic glass cutting system, instead of the traditional automatic glass cutting line(loading table, cutting machine, breaking table).It is significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers, with convenient operation, low investment and benefit advantages, greatly reducing the cost, it is the best choice for small and medium enterprise. 
Flexibility: Mobile device inside the machine,which can be moved to any glass location for loading, cutting, breaking. 
Security: through a remote control device to operate the device, effectively avoid personal injury and property damage likely to result from, the equipment itself also has a computer to automatically detect electrical protection devices, make the equipment very simple and safe to use. 
Economy: it at least need 4 people for cutting glass with the traditional glass cutting line.Our equipment only need one person who can complete loading, cutting, breaking,. Meanwhile workers through remote control operation without contact glass, completely eliminate this aspect of high security risks, using flexibility can be applied to different sizes of glass, a piece of equipment has the function of multiple devices. 

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Technical Parameters:
1.    The cutting thickness: 2-19mm
2.    The cutting accuracy: Parallelism:≤±0.15mm/m
3.    The cutting speed: 150m/minute(can be adjustable)
4.    The outline size:4200*3800*900mm;
5.    The max cutting size:3660*2440mm
6.    Transmission system: The X,Y,Z Axis are equipped with reliable motor.
7.    The cutter block: It adopt pneumatic and spring at the same time. the cutter holder can rotate by 360°degree, and cut the glass up and down.(It can cut any shape)
8.    The oiling supply method: Auto oiling.
9.    The transportation device: It adopt Flotation device which makes it convenient to move the sheet glass.

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