Glass Edge Grinding And Polishing Machine

Glass Edge Grinding And Polishing Machine

This machine has simple structure, stable performance and film-removing result and easy to operate, work platform use polyurethane wheels. Flexible steering, The small size sand belt grinding machine adopts manual grinding, fast and convenient, push and pull up tight, easy to replace belt,...

Product Details

This glass edge finish machine is the special equipment mainly used to smooth the sharp edge after glass cutting. It is an ideal glass edge grinding machine with a wide using range and high efficiency. The abrasive belt running at high speed can simultaneously grind and remove the sharp edges around the glass sheets to prevent machine damage or injury to workers due to sharp edges. The glass edge finish machine can also lengthen the service life of the equipment.

Specifications of Glass Edge Grinding Machine

Voltage:                                                                  380V 50 Hz
Power:                                                                    1.5 kW
Air Pressure:                                                         0.5 to 0.8 Mpa
Glass Dimension:                                               Max. 2000 mm × 2000 mm
Edge Polishing Speed:                                      150 to 300mm/s
Dimension Supporting Arms:                           2140 mm × 1400 mm × 700 mm 

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