Welding Machine For Plastic Window

Plastic window single head welding machine is machine is used for PVC door and window welding processing with variable angle ranging from 30~180º, It features programming control, pneumatic driving, reliable function ,simple operation and convenient maintenance. The machine is made up of machine head. machine...

Product Details

Used for welding PVC door-window 
Welding three-point, two point, single point, transom, cross-transom and special angle. 
Two heads can work individually, simultaneously or combinatively. 
Assembled with B to make up 3+2 five-head welding machine. 
PLC control, pneumatic transmission, simple operation and high stableness.

 Power supply220V 50Hz

 Air pressure0.5-0.8 MPa

 Airconsumption200L /min

 Input power2.5kw

 Weldingrange400~3500 mm

 Welding height20~120 mm

 Welding width120mm

Overall dimension4300x870x1600 mm




Welding machines series:

塑料门窗单点焊接机plastic D&W single spot welding machine  SHD01-100.jpg 二位无缝焊接机 two-seam-free welding machine HJ04-3500.22A.jpg

三位无缝焊接机Plastic doors and windows three welding machine1.jpg 四位无缝焊接机four welding machine HJ02-4500.4 4A.jpg


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