Window Corner Combining Machine

Aluminium Window Corner Crimping Machine is specialized in production of hi-grad alu door and windows, and it is suitable to connection of 90 angle structure of alu door and window. The mechamical inkage structure make corner assembling synchronous. The positioning is up-and-down adjustable, and...

Product Details

Power: 380V 50Hz       Motor power: 3KW

Rated oil pump pressure: 16Mpa      motor speed: 1400r/min

Input power: 3KW        Air source working pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa

Air consumption: 2L/min        Total group angular pressure: 48KN

Group angle cylinder movement stroke: 120mm        Main positioning block adjustment range: 54mm

Processing profile height: 160mm Dimensions: 160X160X150webwxgetmsgimg

Feature description

Shenzhen P-luck Machinery Technology  Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of broken aluminum door and window equipment. The aluminum door and window single head angle machine is used to form a frame fan during the door and window making process.

Forming equipment, this set of angle machine is the most commonly used group angle equipment in broken aluminum door and window equipment, convenient and practical, and widely used. Aluminum door and window single head angle machine

The characteristics of the equipment are controlled by the hydraulic system, which makes the work stable and reliable.

Synchronous feeding of the left and right punches, avoiding the undesired deformation of the group angle process and making the window angle connection stronger

Synchronous feed mechanism makes machine adjustment easy

It can be equipped with single-pole multi-point angle knife to make the angle of aluminum door and window of heat-insulated bridge more reliable.




Aluminum door and window synchronization angle machine 



Instructions for use

First, the angle machine hydraulic system aspect.

1. The working medium of the oil pump is hydraulic oil, and L-HM32 hydraulic oil is used in winter. L-HM46 hydraulic oil can be used in summer.

2. The liquid level of the fuel tank is kept on the center line of the oil mark to prevent the oil pump from sucking up. When refueling, the 120 mesh filter is used to filter the impurities in the new oil. When used frequently

Generally, the fuel tank is cleaned once every two months, and the oil filter is cleaned once every six months, and the new oil is replaced at the same time.

3, the normal working oil temperature is 20 ° C -50 ° C, when the oil temperature is too high, you need to take cooling measures or stop the pump, until the oil is fully cooled before it can work properly. oil

When the temperature is too low, it is not allowed to work directly. It is necessary to take heating measures, and the oil temperature can be raised by external heating or low pressure operation.

4, the pump's working pressure is not allowed to increase arbitrarily

5, high-pressure hose for long-term use, due to the aging of the hose, damage to the various places will cause the pressure resistance of the hose to reduce, should pay attention to regular inspection.

Second, the gas source triplet (water separator, pressure gauge, oil mister).

Water separator, water is discharged every shift, once a week, and the pressure gauge is adjusted to 0.4-0.6MPa. The oil mister is injected with the hydraulic oil and maintains a certain oil level.

The amount of oil is adjusted to about one drop per minute.


Broken bridge aluminum door and window processing

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